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at(theDAOAddress); undefined > var approve = theDAO. The Ethereum blockchain was hard-forked at block 1,920,000 to transfer all ETH from The DAO contracts and it s child contracts into a curator s account ethtrader slack. Execute the following command for Parity to download the Classic chain (I don t think --warp made any difference). To sync to the ETH chain: parity --warp parity --chain classic --warp To access the wallet interface to both the ETH or ETC chain, navigate in your web browser http://localhost:8080. withdraw({from: account, value: 0}); console. The DAO To ETH ExtraBalance Refund Only The DAO token holders who purchased The DAO tokens in the last 2 weeks of the crowdfunding phase are entitled to this refund. 73152013260357357102 ETC for every 100 DAO tokens you held at block 1,919,999. The curators can clawback the amount remaining in the contract at any time but have not announced any intentions to do so ethtrader slack. See Ethereum Wallet Syncing Problems if you have difficulty syncing your chain. at(whitehatWithdrawAddress); var myAccount = {your account} ; // Check paid out amount var paidoutAmount = whitehatWithdraw.

In total, you will get a refund of about 103% (in ETH terms) of your original The DAO investment, made up of: 100% of your investment on the ETH chain 73. fromWei(withdrawalAmount, ether ) + ETC ); // Unlock your account personal. unlockAccount(account, password) true > var withdraw = extraBalWithdrawalContract. getBalance(account), ether ); 10 Following are just the commands: var account = {your account} ; var password = {your password} ; personal. at(whitehatWithdrawAddress); // Check paid out amount var paidoutAmount = whitehatWithdraw. xlsx, but this list show your balance before you have executed any refund withdrawals. You can check the list theDAOTokenBalance_20160819_155742UTC_balance. fromWei(balance, ether ) + ethers ); // Approve the transfer of your tokens from the extraBalToken contract to the extraBalWithdrawal contract var approve = extraBalTokenContract. Execute the following commands (with response shown): > var account = {your account} ; undefined > var password = {your password} ; undefined // Unlock your account > personal. Run this in one console window: parity --chain classic --warp --jsonrpc-apis web3,eth,net,parity,traces,rpc,personal Wait until Parity is fully synced (it took a few hours for me).

These problems can be only solved by adhering to governance systems that do not rely on a central point of failure. On the ETH chain, On the ETC chain, MyEtherWallet also includes the EIP155 Replay Protection. The only hierarchy is that of transparent meritocracy and mutual reputation.Iconomi.
. withdraw({from: account, value: 0}); undefined > console. Blog Newsletter to your inbox Invalid email address Call for Writers We are always looking for talented writers to join our team. withdraw(account, percentageWHGDonation, {from: account, value: 0, gas:200000}); console. unlockAccount(account, password); var theDAO = web3. There is no stated time limit to this refund, but execute your refunds as soon as possible. .BridgeCoin.


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